Laboratory seminar on March, 24

On Friday, March 24, Diana Grishina (postgraduate of Twente University, Netherlands) will make a report Silicon photonic crystals in charge of light propagation: fabrication, structural characterization and optical properties.
Beginning at 5 p. m.

Laboratory seminar on March, 14

This Tuesday, March 14, our postgraduate Varvara Zubyuk will make a report Ultrafast all-optical tuning of direct-gap semiconductor metasurfaces. Beginning at 6.30 p.m.

Laboratory seminar on March, 10th

This Friday, March 10, Anatoly Snigirev (Ph. D., Head of X-ray Optics Laboratory, Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad) will make a report X-ray refractive optics: state-of-the-art and new possibilities for the development of coherent methods of investigation at the source of synchrotron radiation of the third and fourth generations. Beginning at 5 p. m.

We congratulate Alexander Shorohov!

On Monday, February 27, our postgraduate Alexander Shorohov successfully presented his oncoming Ph. D. thesis Cubic nonlinear optical processes in nanostructures with optical magnetic resonances.

We congratulate Maria Romodina!

On Monday, February 20, our postgraduate Maria Romodina successfully presented her oncoming Ph.D. thesis Micromechanics of magnetic particles in optical tweezers and magneto-optical effects induced by Bloch surface waves.