Laboratorary seminar on February, 14th

This Tuesday, February 14, our postgraduate Daniil Shilkin will make a report Mie Resonances in Nanodiamonds. Beginning at 6 p. m.

Our paper has been published in Macromolecules

The paper Viscoelastic Synergy and Microstructure Formation in Aqueous Mixtures of Nonionic Hydrophilic Polymer and Charged Wormlike Surfactant Micelles written by Andrey V. Shibaev, Ksenia A. Abrashitova, Alexander I. Kuklin, Anton S. Orekhov, Alexander L. Vasiliev, Ilias Iliopoulos, and Olga E. Philippova has been published in Macromolecules. We congratulate our graduate student Ksenia Abrashitova because this is her first article!

Laboratorary seminar on December, 20th

This Tuesday, December 20, our postgraduate Dmitry Gulkin will make a report about electromagnetic wave propagation in waveguides characterisation by leakage radiation microscopy. Beginning at 6 p. m.

Graduate students successfully defended their term projects

Congratulations to our graduate students M. Barsukova, N. Kokareva, K. Korzun, E. Khan, G. Shein, D. Shevyakov, and A. Vasyakov, who successfully defended their term projects on December 5th.

Scholarship "For Women in Science"

Our colleague Dr. Irina Soboleva has received a national scholarship "For Women in Science" from L'OREAL -UNESCO. The scholarship is awarded in 112 countries, 10 women receive it every year in Russia. Irina won the scholarship for a study devoted to Bloch surface electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals.