We congratulate our colleagues who have become winners of the Youth Scientific Innovation Contest 2018, held by the Foundation for promotion of small enterprises in scientific and technical fields:
- Ph.D. student Natalya Kokareva for the project Development of a polymer optical objective based on refractive lenses of a parabolic shape for X-ray microscopy;
- Ph.D. student Kirill Okhlopkov for the project Development of an integrated optical sensor based on a chain of silicon nanoparticles to monitor the level of carbon dioxide in the air in real time;
- student Kirill Safronov for the project Development of integrated photonics devices based on Bloch surface waves;
- student Alexander Chezhegov for the project Development of technology for creating functional nanocoatings using explosive laser interference lithography for solar cells.

Laboratory seminar on January, 31

On Wednesday, January, 31, senior researcher Andrey Grunin and the 2nd year master student Igor Balashov will report about chemometrics for spectral data analysis. Beginning at 6 p. m.