Ksenia Abrashitova

two-photon photopolymerization
direct laser writing


M.S., Physics, Moscow State University, 2014, M.S. diploma title:"  Effect of polyvinyl alcohol on phase behavior and rheological properties of mixed wormlike micelles", thesis supervisor: A.V. Shibaev

Research Positions: 

M.S., Physics, Moscow State University, 2014,
Ph.D. Student (till March 2018), supervisor: Dr. A. A. Fedyanin

Research Training: 
 Neutron Labcourse, Jülich, Germany (2013)
 Rheology Seminar (Avrora-Lab) Moscow, Russia (2012)
2014 Karginskaja Conference “Polymers-2014 “ (the winner of young scientist 

Publications for users


  1. A. K. Petrov, V. O. Bessonov, K. A. Abrashitova, N. G. Kokareva, K. R. Safronov, A. A. Barannikov, P. A. Ershov, N. B. Klimova, I. I. Lyatun, V. A. Yunkin, M. Polikarpov, I. Snigireva, A. A. Fedyanin, and A. Snigirev
    "Polymer X-ray refractive nano-lenses fabricated by additive technology"

    Optics Express



  1. Ksenia A. Abrashitova, Dmitry N. Gulkin, Natalia G. Kokareva, Kirill R. Safronov, Artem S. Chizhov, Alexander A. Ezhov, Vladimir O. Bessonov and Andrey A. Fedyanin
    "Nonlinear polymer/quantum dots nanocomposite for two-photon nanolithography of photonic devices"

    SPIE Photonics West

    Proc. of SPIE Vol. 10115 1011510-1
  2. Kirill R. Safronov, Natalia G. Kokareva, Ksenia A. Abrashitova, Dmitry N. Gulkin, Vladimir O. Bessonov, Andrey A. Fedyanin
    "Planar elements of photonics for controlling Bloch surface waves in one-dimensional photonic crystal"

    Days on Diffraction

  3. Natalia Kokareva, Kirill Safronov, Dmitry Gulkin, Ksenia Abrashitova, Vladimir Bessonov, Andrey Fedyanin
    "Fabrication of planar optical waveguides by two-photon lithography to control Bloch surface waves in photonics crystals"

    Open Readings, Vilnius, Lithuania

  4. Gulkin D.N., Abrashitova K.A., Safronov K.R., Kokareva N.G., Antropov I.M., Bessonov V.O. and Fedyanin A.A.
    "Bloch-surface-waves based photonic devices studied by leakage radiation microscopy"

    Proceedings of International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics (METANANO-2017)

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