Laboratory seminar on October, 13th

On Friday, October, 13th, our student Igor Balashov will make a report about  laser interference lithography for the creation of functional coatings.
Beginning at 6 p. m.

Laboratory seminar on October, 6

On Friday, October, 6, Andrey Sukhorukov, Associate Professor in Physics from Australian National University will make a report about quantum states generation and measurement in photonic gratings and metamaterials.
Beginning at 2 p. m.

Laboratory seminar on June, 27

On Tuesday, June 27, Xenia Baryshnikova from International Laboratory Nano-Opto-Mechanics (ITMO University, Saint Petersburg) will make a report about multipole analysis of effects of the interaction of light with nanostructures of various shape.
Beginning at 6 p. m.

Congratulations to the newly married couple

  We congratulate our colleague Maria Pastuhova and his happy husband Stanislav on the wedding! May your years together be full of love, happiness and blessings.