Congratulations to our colleagues who have won the "UMNIK" award:
- junior researcher Tigran Baluyan, Development of the x-ray refractive optical elements produced by pyrolysis of the polymerized structures project;
- junior researcher Nikita Shchelkunov, Device development for personal tuning of drug delivery agents. Increasing efficiency and reducing toxicity of the method project;
- student Pavel Kashkarov, Development of all optical switching based on one-dimensional photonic crystals for optical and quantum computing applications project.


Congratulations to our colleagues Dr. Alexander Musorin, Dr. Alexander Shorokhov and Varvara Zubyuk on winning the competition for awards of the Moscow Government for young scientists for 2020! Their research Development and creation of reconfigurable nanodevices for processing optical signals was recognized as the winner in the Information and communication technologies nomination.


Congratulations to our colleague junior researcher Daniil Shilkin on receiving a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young PhD Russian scientists! The project is Asymmetric dimers of silicon particles with Mie resonances for spectrally selective control of optical radiation.