Sophomore paper topics

  1. Photonic-force microscopy of biological cells
  2. Analog image processing by optical metasurfaces
  3. Hybrid nanophotonic structures for integrated optics
  4. Surface electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals
  5. Diagnostics of biological cells mechanical properties using optical tweezers technique
  6. Optical forces and nonlinear effects in suspensions of nanoparticles
  7. Optical coupling control of ring resonators for neuromorphic computing
  8. Two-photon laser lithography for X-ray optics elements fabrication
  9. Development of nanophotonic GRIN materials
  10. GRIN microstructures in integrated nanophotonics
  11. High-temperature annealing of 3D lithographic microstructures for improving mechanical and optical properties
  12. Design and fabrication of functional photonic crystals in optical and infrared wavelength range
  13. Modern approaches to modelling X-ray micro and nano focusing
  14. Optical and mechanical characterization of photopolymers
  15. 3D-printing for fabrication of artificial spin ice
  16. Neuromorphic systems based on optoelectronic synapses
  17. Photonic neural networks
  18. 3D-microprinting of photonic devices